Wedding sweets

Your wedding day is perhaps the most important day of your entire life, which is why you would want it to be memorable. There are many things that you can do to make this day extra special, such as investing in custom made flower arrangements and decor or give your guests a keepsake of your weeding day to take home. One very creative way of making this day memorable is to give your guests personalized rock candy which say "Just Married Rock Sweets". You can use it to decorate the table and set the theme and it makes a delicious treat for your guests.

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There are so many different ways that you can custom make your rock candy. Lots of people enjoy using the just married phrase on the rock candy as they want to keep things simple. Others ways of keeping it simple would be to choose pink or red rock candy and place the heart logo in the middle. This is simple and understated yet elegant and appropriate for your wedding day.

Alternatively, you can also use plain white rock candy and write the words thank you on it for all your guests. This is one way of thanking your guests for gracing your with their presence on your special day and will really make them fee good about themselves as well. Rock candy that has Mr and Mrs written in the middle is also great for a wedding.

If you would like to transcend the normal and simple approach, you can have the rock candy made with a personal touch. Some ideas include having a two toned candy, with a heart in the middle and the name of the bride and groom around the heart or on the outer corners of the candy.

Some great colors for your wedding day include pink, red, purple, silver, and white. However, if your favorite colors fall outside of these colors, then you can have the rock candy made in your favorite color. Have the rest of your decor compliment the color of the candy so that everything blends in. You should also bare in mind that the color also corresponds to the flavor as well. So as much as the color needs to compliment the theme, just remember your favorite flavors too.

Another unique idea is to make your rock candy into lollipops instead. Lollipops are naturally bigger than average sweets and gives you a bigger surface area to work with or on. This basically means that you have more freedom when customizing your lollipop. For example, you can include much more clearer or larger pictures. You also have more space to write longer messages, so you can now really say what you want to or get a complete message across to your guests. Lollipops can also be shaped differently and you have more freedom to get creative with colors, sizes and designs. Your wedding day is a memorable day and happens once in a life time, which is why you should go about making it extra special.